ATS Stairlifts Ltd is located at Nicosia, Cyprus and is founded for one reason: to deliver great solutions for people with special needs.

Choosing the right product for your needs is very important. At ATS Stairlifts we help and guide all of our customers in getting the best products. Please feel free to contact Us for any matter.
Our Company provides design and installation of Stairlifts across all Cyprus. Our work is defined by quality and perfection. Have a look at our recent installations in Cyprus
Freelift Curved Stairlifts
Platform Lift (curved)
Endeavour 3000 Acute Care
Harvest Woburn Ultimate Bed
Pool Lift
Platform Lift
Bath Lift
Electric Adjustable Beds
Spa Lift
Car Swivel Seat


The Otolift ONE is designed for narrow and steep stairs. This stairlift can be places along the inner curve. The stairs remain safe to walk.

More information about the Otolift 'ONE'


Otolift TWO

The TWO is designed for the outer curce of your stairs, without impeding the stairs. Because this is a less complex solution, this type is price friendly.

More information about the Otolift 'TWO'

Company Brief Profile
A.T..S Stairlifts Ltd is a company specializing in the importation, selling installation and maintenance of special equipment for Private Dwelling houses with internal and external stairs (stair cases) for Factories, Οffices Public Buildings, shops, Amusement Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Hospitals and Private Clinics e.t.c.

Our Company with the modern equipment which it has at its disposal has as an objective comfortable living and ease of access for our fellow citizens who suffer from mobility problems what impede then from living comfortably in their own familiar environment.
ATS Stairlifts offers a wide range of products, please choose a product category from below:
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