Otolift Modul-Air

The Modul-Air has the thinnest single rail in the world, consequently it blends in with your interior. The stairlift is always provided with a powered folding footrest and can be provided with an automated swivel seat.

  • Thinnest single rail in the world
  • Super compact seat
  • Automated swivel seat
  • Automatically folding footrest
  • Fixed to the stairs

Otolift Two

If the stairlift is better placed on the outer curve of your stairs, your best choice is Otolift Two. This stairlift is designed so that it can be optimally mounted on the outer curve of the staircase.

  • Robust design
  • Ultra-slim rail
  • Perfect for the outer curve of the rail
  • The most purchased and affordable Stairlift
  • Go up and down safely
  • Quiet and smooth

Otolift Parallel

If you have a straight staircase, the Otolift Parallel stairlift is the more suitable model. The ultra-slim design and the aluminum rail ensure an optimum use of the remaining space, which makes the stairlift as discreet as possible.

  • For straight staircases
  • Super thin design
  • Simple and robust
  • Super compact chair
  • Easy to use