Welcome to ATS Stairlifts Ltd

ATS Stairlifts Ltd is a company specializing in the importation, selling installation and maintenance of special equipment for Private Dwelling houses with internal and external stairs (stair cases) for Factories, Οffices Public Buildings, shops, Amusement Centers, Restaurants, Hotels, Swimming Pools, Hospitals and Private Clinics e.t.c.

Our Company with the modern equipment which it has at its disposal has as an objective comfortable living and ease of access for our fellow citizens who suffer from mobility problems what impede then from living comfortably in their own familiar environment.

For persons with partial or total disability, our company has a very big range of specialized for every particular case equipment of elevatory, mobile and relaxant systems.

Our specialized personnel with their long term experience in the installation and maintenance of such systems and with their continuous training technical and of know-how coupled with the high quality of the systems which we have at our disposal enable us to provide a complete from every aspect service assuring a better quality of life.

The primary objective of ATS Stairlifts Ltd is credibility, consistency effectiveness and respect to our fellow man. These values hold primary position in our daily work and activity and constitute the foundation of our establishment.

Beyond these, we promise that we shall never stop in seeking the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services.

Please note that it will be a great pleasure for all of us to answer any questions you may have and we are at your disposal at any time to provide you with any information you may require.


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